Excellent for Easter
Fabulous for Food and Drink Festivals
Great for Garden Themed and Environmental Events

About the Show

From his mobile potting shed table gardener Hugh Bushey Babcock shares his green fingered secrets. Meet Saskia, his prize winning psychic Sunflower, who can guess people’s favourite vegetables, then watch the deadly dangerous Giant Carrot Chopper in action! Prepare to be amazed and entertained!

What to Expect

Hugh the gardener and Saskia his prize winning Sunflower perform a series of magic and mind reading tricks that will brighten any event. The table neatly contains a sound system, all the show props and is on wheels for easy transportation.

Perfect for Easter time, Food & Drink festivals and earthy events such as Harvest, Garden and Environmental themed occasions.

This show complements both the Big Bloomers and Mind Your Peas and Cues Walkabouts

How to Book

Have a taste of the good life as well as meeting some flirty flowers with this charmingly horticultural act. Perfect for earthy events such as Food & Drink, Garden and Environmental festivals and similar themed events. Where else could you expect to see psychic foliage and why wouldn’t you want to meet a talking Bloom? Don’t hold back another second, click on the button below and get some colour in for your event.

Bell and Bullock’s charm and approachable nature means they are a constant hit with our audiences and never fail to amuse, entertain and delight anyone and everyone they engage with.
Martin Wilson, Director, TIN Arts
THANK YOU so much for your hard work at Saltburn Food Festival on Sunday. We have had loads of great comments and good feedback RE your involvement, and I personally loved seeing you all there.
Lorna Jackson , Organiser, Saltburn Food and Drink Festival
Bell and Bullock are a fantastical duo that keeps audiences of all ages amused, inspired and captivated. The creative concepts, costumes, personalities and performances are unique and inventive. They are also both professional and dependable.
Joanne Michelle Burke, Arts Development Officer, South East Northumberland