Marvellous for Maritime and Seaside Events

About the Show

Join Captain Bullock and Bosun Bell for maritime mayhem, magic and mirth. With an uproarious air of unpredictability witness the Indian Club Work-Out and Navigating the Celestial Spheres. The finale features the Flight of the Dare-Devil Dove. Our feathery friend relishes challenges of an extreme nature (nobody really knows why, and she won’t tell us). Marvel at our maritime mateys with their nautical extravaganza of eccentric experiments, sensational circus skills, and hilarious feats of derring-do.

What to expect

The two performers arrive and set up with their ship on wheels containing the props, sound system and their usual amount of magic. The show includes nautical themed magic tricks, juggling and diabolo routines with oodles of audience participation.

The finale features an air powered canon from which a toy dove is fired a distance of 6 metres, to be caught in a net held by intrepid audience volunteers! It is particularly suitable for families with young children as it is meticulously put together with a gentle and friendly style.

How to Book

Let Bell and Bullock bring the high seas to your event or festival! Strike up a conversation and book yourself in to their hectic schedule here.

What a crowd at this weekends Belfast’s Titanic Maritime Festival. Big thanks to Bell and Bullock!
Lisa Morgan, City Events Assistant, Belfast City Council
I just want to say a big thank you for your participation in the Herne Bay Festival. So far we have received great feedback from members of the public who very much enjoyed your show (Cabin Fever). We particularly liked the Dove of Peace and Love!
Michelle Moubarak, Creative Development Officer, Canterbury City Council
I am writing to let you know how much we enjoyed “Cabin Fever” which you performed at this years festival. It was certainly a measure of how much people enjoyed the show when they all stayed despite the awful weather! It was a pleasure to work with a company who was willing to make a success of the event even though the elements were against you. I look forwards to working with you both again in the future.
Cathie Davies, Events Co-ordinator, Norwich City Council